Uncategorized April 13, 2022

Selling in 2022 is possible with the Right Plan and a Skilled Team

There is no doubt that if inventory opens up you might look into setting a plan to sell and then buy this year. The talk of fear is all we hear in this marketplace. It is stunting our growth to move sooner rather than later. It puts us in a position to sit, hold and sit and wait until the rhetoric changes and we hear of those that are making moves into their dream home. Only then will we begin to make the moves we so desperately want. The 3rd garage maybe? How about the RV gate, extra bedrooms, a designer kitchen and perhaps everything of each.

Continue to read on and know that you have come to the right place. There are sellers that are just waiting for the right moment. The exact opportunity and the truth is that there will always be something that will cause us pause. For some time, it was the waiting of this market to crash. Who wants to see that happen again? I know that I don’t have all the answers and for sure I can’t say for sure but I can for certain write here that while prices are rising my families are still buying. Non occupied sellers are deciding to liquidate their inventory and so are investors who have been holding onto their inventory since  2010. *****

When I purchased my first home, I was 25 years old and so excited to be a homeowner. This was in 2001. The rates then were 6.5% and in the 90’s the rates were somewhere around 7-8%. You know what, we still purchased. We didn’t buy our dream home but we knew that we wanted to have something to call our own. It was the best feeling in the world.  I am writing this to let you know that with the right plan, the right marketing strategy and a strong team on your side, you are already halfway to your goals.

Fifty percent of my business makes up of selling homes for my investors, landlords and families who are either moving out of State or just ready for a new chapter. There are so many opportunities ready for the taking. Taking of those chances for those that will trust themselves to move forward not be scared or indecisive. I get to write this because t this time, I am building a new home myself. When I went under contract in September, 2021 rates were 3.75% and this week I just locked at 4.875%. This is still almost 2% better than more than 20 years ago and this time I did Build my Dream Home. I picked all the colors, the materials and the style of a home that matches my style. I deserve this and so do you.

The word on the street is that we will have more rate increases this year. If this is true and correct, what will the end of the year look like? Could that affect the amount you qualify for? There is much to think about but if after reading this, you are interested in working out a plan or just talk about your options, you have a professional on your side. We can discuss timeframes, goals, lifestyle and budget.

I enjoy seeing the faces on my sellers when we talk about the money they can realize in this market. This puts you in a position to open up opportunities and possibilities that will create more wealth for your future. We are a society that has bounced back when we are challenged.

I am confident that a meeting with me and my team will allow you to make decisions that will work in your favor. I respect your time your lifestyle and more importantly your money.

I have flexible commission plans that work for you and that will undoubtedly keep your hard earned investment in your possession where it belongs.

I have served families since 2005 and I will be ready when you are. Accredited Buyer Representative and Military Relocation Specialist.

***** The moratorium on foreclosures is also coming to an end this year and that means more owners will be in a position to finally sell.  There are many factors on our side. More importantly, the rates are still lower than they were 20+ years ago.  Let’s talk!